Signs, T-shirts and postcard for my favorite neighborhood restaurant, B&H Dairy Restaurant (a kosher lunch counter established in 1938), East Village, NYC. The signs are the most recent, then the postcard, and finally the T-shirts, which I designed free of charge so that the restaurant could make a little extra cash and hopefully not disappear from the neighborhood, as so many have. Over 800 printed, 700 sold @ $20/each.

In the wake of the March 2014 Second Avenue gas explosion and fire I donated a media and crowdfunding campaign to save B&H Dairy. Due to the nature of the explosion, the restaurant was closed for five months for inspections and upgrades and nearly went out of business.  Media placements included two New York Times features and simultaneous evening news coverage of the reopening on NY1, NBC, CBS and Fox. The owners attribute the crowdfunding campaign, which raised nearly $30,000.00, to saving their business. (I'm also a publicist.)