Enamored with visual books and graphic design, I chose to present my career as book publicist as a coffee table book—RESUME. By the time I finished it, I decided I wanted to add "book designer" to my repertoire. The book includes five book covers. All abstract photos within are mine (tar on suburban blacktop, believe it or not).  The cover was inspired by the work of Alvin Lustig. See the bottom of this page for more. Click the cover to view the entire book as a digital flip book on ISSUU.

From the back flap:

The RESUME book cover design is a tribute to Alvin Lustig (1915 – 1955), an American book designer, graphic designer and typeface designer. Lustig has been honored by the American Institute of Graphic Arts and the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame for his significant contributions to American design. Throughout the 1940s and early 1950s he designed dozens of brilliant book covers for New York City publisher, New Directions Books.